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Connect Your Business with Telstra’s Adaptive Networks

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Solve Communications is committed to optimizing your data and network infrastructure, ensuring that your business stays connected, efficient, and secure.

We offer a comprehensive suite of Managed Network Services, including enterprise Data and IP/Network Solutions, designed to enhance your business’s connectivity, performance, and security. Our expertise spans various technologies, including managed SD-WAN, Telstra Internet Direct, Enterprise Wireless, 5G, Edge Networking, and Azure ExpressRoute.

Solve Communications is committed to optimizing your data and network infrastructure, ensuring that your business stays connected, efficient, and secure. With a range of access types utilizing the NBN and Telstra’s premium network, we can deliver the right solution on the right network.

managed sd-wan

Managed SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network)

Revolutionize Your Network Connectivity with Managed SD-WAN

SD-WAN is a game-changer in network management, allowing you to optimize network performance, enhance security, and reduce costs. Solve Communications helps you leverage the power of SD-WAN to streamline your network operations, enhance scalability, and ensure the efficient delivery of critical applications.
Empower your business with the agility and efficiency of SD-WAN, ensuring a reliable and responsive network.

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Telstra Internet Direct

Robust Internet Connectivity with Telstra Internet Direct

Telstra Internet Direct (TID) is a high-speed, reliable internet service designed to keep your business connected and responsive. Solve Communications delivers Telstra Internet Direct solutions to ensure your organization enjoys fast and secure internet access.
Stay connected and ensure your business operations run smoothly with Telstra Internet Direct.

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Telstra Private Networks

Highly secure and reliable private IP network

Utilizing MPLS technology, Telstra’s Next IP offers a seamless and cost-effective means to interconnect your business locations. It comes with the added benefits of strong service levels, online reporting, and a centralized point of contact for implementation, billing, and support. Our highly adaptable networks extend to virtually every corner of the globe, empowering us to deliver a genuinely global solution for your business connectivity needs.


Enterprise Wireless and 5G

Elevate Connectivity with Enterprise Wireless and 5G

In the era of mobility, connectivity is key. Solve Communications offers Enterprise Wireless and 5G solutions to keep your workforce connected, whether in the office or on the go. With high-speed wireless connectivity, your team can collaborate seamlessly and access critical resources from anywhere.
Enhance productivity and collaboration with the mobility and speed of Enterprise Wireless and 5G.

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Azure ExpressRoute

Direct and Secure Cloud Connectivity with Azure ExpressRoute

Azure ExpressRoute provides dedicated, high-throughput, and secure connectivity to Microsoft Azure and other cloud providers. Solve Communications offers Azure ExpressRoute solutions to ensure that your organization enjoys seamless and secure cloud access.
Experience the benefits of fast, secure, and reliable cloud connectivity with Azure ExpressRoute.

business mobility solutions

Data and IP Solutions With Solve

Advance your connectivity and performance with Solve Communications’ Networks and Internet solutions. Experience high-speed, reliable connectivity for your business.

To get started, simply call our team on 03 9696 1234 or complete our online contact form today.

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