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Unified Communications

Modernize Collaboration for Your Business.

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Solve Communications offers a suite of Unified Communications services to streamline your business’s communication and collaboration needs.

Our expertise spans various platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Telstra Calling for Office 365, Telstra IP Telephony and Business SIP. With our solutions, you can enhance productivity, improve collaboration, and deliver seamless communication experiences to your team and customers.

We will collaborate with you to determine the best communication platform and system for your organization. We’ll assist in deploying it and provide ongoing management and support. From carriage to connectivity, hardware, and training, we offer a holistic approach, leaving no detail behind.

Telstra 365

Telstra Calling for Office 365

Simple, intuitive calling in Microsoft Office 365

Unlock the full potential of Telstra’s leading voice capability seamlessly integrated with Microsoft’s cloud collaboration tools, all expertly managed by Solve Communications.
Our partnership enables us to deploy and manage the powerful Telstra Teams calling 365 solution, providing your business with a comprehensive communication ecosystem. This dynamic collaboration ensures you avoid the complexities of managing separate systems while effortlessly meeting security and compliance demands.
Empower your team with the capabilities of Microsoft Teams for efficient and effective collaboration.

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Telstra IP Telephony

Elevate Your Business Communications with Telstra IP Telephony

Telstra IP Telephony is a scalable, cloud-based phone system that enables high-quality voice and video calls. Solve Communications assists in deploying and managing Telstra IP Telephony, ensuring that your organization enjoys reliable and feature-rich communication services.
Elevate your business communication with the reliability and scalability of Telstra IP Telephony.

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Telstra Liberate

Enhance Mobile Work Productivity with Telstra Liberate

Telstra Liberate is a mobile application that extends your office phone to your mobile device. Stay connected and productive on the go with features like call forwarding, access to voicemail, and more. Solve Communications helps you integrate and optimize Telstra Liberate for your business.
Stay connected and responsive with Telstra Liberate, ensuring business continuity in a mobile world.

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Telstra Business SIP

Seamless Business Communications with Telstra Business SIP

Telstra Business SIP offers a streamlined and flexible communication solution for your organization. Solve Communications specializes in deploying and managing Telstra Business SIP, ensuring that you enjoy crystal-clear voice calls and advanced features tailored to your business needs. With our expertise, you can scale your services easily and efficiently.
Elevate your business communication with Telstra Business SIP, providing a robust and adaptable voice solution designed to enhance your organization’s connectivity and productivity.

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Enhance communication and collaboration with Solve Communications’ Unified Communications solutions. Discover how our tailored solutions empower your teams to work seamlessly.

To get started, simply call our team on 03 9696 1234 or complete our online contact form today.

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