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How Managed IT Services Support Remote Work

How Managed IT Services Support Remote Work

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The rise of remote work has ushered in a new age of greater flexibility and productivity in business. By eliminating geographic constraints, organisations can access a larger talent pool while offering staff greater work-life balance. Like any major shift, it’s one that comes with challenges. Comprehensive IT services can help by simplifying the efficiency and security of remote work setups. 

Here at Solve Communications, we specialise in helping organisations in Melbourne, Sydney and beyond deploy managed services tailored to their unique remote work requirements. Our services include remote monitoring and management, patching, email security, endpoint security, asset management, end user support, automation and office 365 backup. 

Ensuring Seamless Connectivity

Digital technology has transformed the way we do business both in and out of the office. Managed IT services play an essential role in this transformation by ensuring reliable internet and secure network connectivity through remote monitoring and management services

This includes deploying software and communication tools like email and chat applications to allow for consistent and reliable communication among remote and on-site employees, supervisors and clients. If workers can’t access a good connection, operations are prone to suffering from delays and disruptions. 

Enhancing Productivity

Managed services support remote work productivity with efficient software and hardware management. This includes:

  • Ensuring secure access to the organisation’s cloud-based storage solutions for seamless teamwork.
  • Managing access to important resources like specialised software and tools so remote employees have the same level of access as on-site staff.
  • Implementing collaboration tools for real-time communication through instant messaging, virtual meetings and video conferencing.

Managed services help bridge the gap between remote employees. This allows you to create a virtual workspace that reflects the dynamics and productivity of a physical office. As a result, organisations can better foster teamwork and innovation, regardless of geographical distance. 

Ensuring Security

While the digital age has created new opportunities for flexibility and productivity, it also comes with significant cybersecurity challenges. Your managed service provider plays an essential role in safeguarding sensitive data and maintaining the integrity of your networks, especially in remote work environments. 

Endpoint security firewalls, patching, multi-factor authentication, security audits and VPNs mitigate some of the cybersecurity risks. Setting up robust measures to secure remote access to the organisation’s network ensures employees can safely access internal resources from anywhere.

Providing IT Support

Managed IT providers offer expert support and technical assistance round-the-clock to your remote workforce. Having a dedicated and experienced support team on hand minimises the disruption and hassle of dealing with IT security issues. It’s an area Solve Communications specialise in, with 100% onshore troubleshooting support, available at all times to your remote employees.

Scalability and Flexibility

The digital landscape and modern business is dynamic, meaning scalability is crucial for flexibility and growth. Managed service providers help you manage the fluctuating needs of a remote workforce, helping you scale up or down depending on your needs. Whether you’re adapting to changing workloads or onboarding new remote teams, these services help you swiftly adjust IT resources to align with your needs.

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